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Antonia Sainz - Doll Face 2 [2021 | FullHD]

Hot Czech brunette Antonia Sainz hosts a makeup vlog with a sexy difference. Lesson One involved applying lipstick for a blowjob – tested by the artist herself on a big black dildo – and the new episode will see her demonstrate her skills on a mannequin head. With wide brown eyes and long brown hair, the doll resembles Antonia, while a spiked metal collar adds a hint of kink. As Antonia paints her model’s pout, she splays stocking-clad thighs to reveal shaved pussy lips peeking out from open-crotch panties. Seductively, she sucks on a manicured finger and glosses the doll’s mouth with saliva. Then, inspired, she swipes her fingertip along her slit, smears it on the vinyl lips and leans in to kiss it off. Horny now, Antonia strips off her top and bra to caress full, perfect breasts. Next, she loses her skirt and grinds her ass in the doll’s face before dropping her panties. Naked in stockings and spike-heeled platforms, she begins to stroke her snatch and the neat landing strip on her mound. With one foot raised, she bucks her crotch against the doll’s mouth. Then she hops up on the table to straddle it, sitting on its face. It may not have a tongue to lick her, but rubbing her clit against its nose has the desired effect. She spins around to ride the head reverse cowgirl, then licks her juices off of its lips. Craving a deeper thrill, Antonia takes a hairbrush, drools on the handle, then inserts it in her pussy as a dildo. She rolls her eyes in ecstasy and moans, tits quivering as she pumps herself hard and fast. Within just a couple minutes she cums, then stirs the handle slowly so she can clench and spasm around it. Even when she is satisfied, she continues to stroke her pussy, then gives the doll a lingering kiss before the picture fades…

Porn Video: Antonia Sainz - Doll Face 2
Genres: Stockings, Solo, Posing, Breasts, Masturbation, Indoors

Year: 2021
Duration: 00:10:39
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 393 MB
28-05-21 11
Categories: Video
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