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Janice Griffith - Janice Fucks The Trainer [2019 | SD]

ItВ's another day at the gym for Janice Griffith. She needs a personal trainer because she doesnВ't think sheВ's strong enough. Luckily, we know the perfect guy. Pressure introduces himself but Janice just isnВ't convinced that heВ's strong enough to train her. She asks him to do some push ups so she can test his strength. He does them effortlessly, and she decides to lay on his back while he continues. After that. she requests that he benchpresses her. SheВ's starting to get more impressed as he can do it. Finally, she asks him to benchpress a real bar. As he does it, she canВ't help but get horny. SheВ's never seen someone so strong. She pulls out her tits as he benchpresses and sits on his face. She canВ't resist the urge to see his dick. She starts to rub it and eventually pulls it out. SheВ's amazed by how big it is. She sucks his dick and he flips her upside down while standing up. They then start to fuck in the gym, and she canВ't wait to see how much cum she can get out of him. Sex technically counts as a workoutВ.В.right?

Porn Video: Janice Griffith - Janice Fucks The Trainer
Genres: Bblowjob, Hardcore, Cumshot, Blonde, Interracial, Big dick, Skinny, Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Missionary

Year: 2019
Duration: 00:31:58
Quality: SD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 258 MB
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