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Ivi - Supermodel Gets Soaked [2022 | FullHD]

Ivi - Supermodel Gets Soaked [2022 | FullHD]

Stunning blonde supermodel Ivi swaps the catwalk for our Wet and Pissy studios in todays update and this long legged beauty teases in her cute outfit. She heads over to the couch and starts to strip to reveal her lingerie before she pulls off her skirt and holds onto her crotch looking like she might need to piss. Squatting over the rug, this hot blonde pulls her bodysuit to one side as she pees and holds her hands beneath her to play with her stream. Ivi pulls open her bodysuit and lays on the couch to finger her pussy before getting completely naked. She places a giant glass goblet on the floor and starts pussy pissing right into it, then pours the contents over her tongue and down her slim body. She is so new to piss drinking that she starts to cough as some slips down the back of her throat! Moving onto a glass dildo, this naughty babe bends over and fucks herself. She licks her dildo clean and then we get a closeup while she pees again into the glass goblet. This time she gives herself a pussy wash and pours the rest down herself before finishing off with her dildo with time for more more piss!

Porn Video: Supermodel Gets Soaked - Ivi
Genres: Puffy Network, Wet And Pissy, Blonde, Clips, Euro, Fetish, Solo, Couch, Cute, Dildo, Lingerie, Long Legged, Pissing

Year: 2022
Duration: 00:22:58
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.38 GB

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