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Lexi Grey - Analpocalypse [2022 | FullHD] - Assylum

Lexi Grey - Analpocalypse [2022 | FullHD] - Assylum

Lexi is only 20 years old and very innocent in some ways. But she is also one of the filthiest and most submissive anal pain sluts to come our way. She literally loves painful anal sex and brutal face fucking... almost as much as she loves eating creampies out of her ass. So Dr. Mercies gave her an extra nasty treatment, with heavy cum snorting and cum licking using his saved-up frozen cum. He pounded her asshole with very little warmup and made her cry when he used a fat dildo in her ass. He made her gargle the cum out of her asshole over and over again, trained her to drink his piss, and gave her an orgasmic reward. The chemistry between Dr. Mercies and Lexi was so good, they didn't feel tired at all after this long, draining, brutal, crazy session. A few cuddles, and they were both ready to go again. This is the kind of documentary that makes us proud: creative stuff you've never before, super-hardcore action, and two people getting a release by doing authentic BDSM. Others fake it; we make it.

Porn Video: Analpocalypse - Lexi Grey
Genres: Kink bdsm sex, Porn video kink, Hard nipple torture

Year: 2022
Duration: 01:22:45
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 4.76 GB

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