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Abigail Dupree - Interrogation - Iron Weight Collar [2022 | HD] - SensualPain

Abigail Dupree - Interrogation - Iron Weight Collar [2022 | HD] - SensualPain

Two hours in silence and darkness, bound in painful steel and weighed down by what seems like immeasurable burden... One becomes a part of their situation as if it were reality and not something within the grasp of their control.
Master James finds a demented glee in the research of His victims breaking points. The more he tests His slave abigail the harder it gets for Him to find that sweet spot, but without fail, he will always find it.
Adorned with an eerie gunny sack that covers an even more criminally eerie gimp hood... slave abigail sits bound and in darkness on a high stool.
She is prompted to perform what seems like a simple task outside of her many distracting predicaments.
"Tell me a story" Master James urges.
And right out of the gate, slave abigail finds herself challenged in a way that she hadn't predicted.
Struggling at her first attempt to entertain her captor, her story fails abruptly when it leads down a dead end road on Vanilla Lane. Master James has a way of motivating his slave to greatness though so she begins again.. She finds a tiny crack into His psyche when she begins to tell a story that mirrors his own twisted beginnings and His increasing appetite for larger and larger prey. As her story would slow as she studied His reactions he would urge her to continue on with one of His many motivational tools.
You flame throwers and explosives or power tools with abrasive modifications or the bone chilling shower of water... the sounds of metal scraping on metal and flesh and the unmistakable sound of a large sickle being honed of its rust before being dragged across her skin.
Dehumanized, weighed down, bound, wet, cold and then suddenly burning, pressured to perform and entertain, tired, hungry and challenged at every point. A truly spectacular vision to witness as this interaction unfolds organically.

Porn Video: Interrogation - Iron Weight Collar - Abigail Dupree
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Year: 2022
Duration: 00:44:04
Quality: HD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 2.42 GB

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