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Akari Suka - Blue Balls 2 [2021 | FullHD]

Late at night, somewhere in Europe, Akari Suka вЂ" a petite, raven-haired Asian hottie with cute bangs вЂ" is taking a shower. She soaps her naked curves, kneading and massaging her small, perfect breasts and stiff, dark nipples. Then, as the foamy lather trickles down to her shaved pussy, she fingers herself briefly before turning her attention to an ice-blue, translucent cock-dildo jutting out from her glass shower screen. On her knees, Akari sucks the toy, moans muffled and cheek swelling as she crams the rounded head deep inside of her mouth. Her deft fingers grasp the girth and she switches to licking the balls, tonguing them all over then blowing the shaft again with even more fervor. Next, she lounges back in the tub and takes the dildo inside of her pussy. Her bare toes wiggle and her naked body squirms and quivers as she pumps it in and out. Soon, she is lost in ecstasy, eyes shut and hands grabbing at her tits. Craving even deeper strokes, she sticks the sucker base to the rim of the tub and rides the toy, as the camera captures her stunning ass in close-up. Already near to orgasm, she lets the blue length slip out of her pussy and aims the shower-spray at her crotch as she fingers her clit. Moaning as she humps against her hand, she works herself into a frenzy, head thrown back and face a picture of bliss as she cums hard, rubbing herself to prolong the pleasure. Finally spent, Akari continues her shower, letting the warm water caress her beautiful nude body. However, the ice-blue dildo is stuck to the glass screen, permanently stiff and ready to go the instant she's juiced up and horny again…

Porn Video: Akari Suka - Blue Balls 2
Genres: Posing, Dildo, Barefoot, Masturbation, Breasts, Sex Toys, Brunette, Bathroom, Solo

Year: 2021
Duration: 00:11:31
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 423 MB
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