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Freya Mayer & Stefany Kyler - Sweet Embrace [2021 | FullHD]

Cute brunette Stefany Kyler and her adorable blonde girlfriend Freya Mayer are enjoying a relaxing day at home, as Sandra Shine's hot lesbian movie "Sweet Embrace" begins. Playful Freya stops reading to help Stefany with the laundry, but then pulls her onto the bed for a spontaneous kiss. Hands exploring eagerly, Stefany caresses Freya's perky breasts, sucking her stiff nipples as she undresses her. She licks Freya's shaved pussy avidly, tongue sliding between her sweetheart's plump pussy lips and homing in on her clit. Freya squeezes her own breasts, her smile radiant as Stefany eats her skilfully, then flips them over so she can repay the favor. Gazing up at Stefany, she sucks and licks her shaved pussy voraciously, before straddling her face and riding to a powerful orgasm. Dismounting, Freya resumes eating Stefany, tugging on her puffy clit to give her an explosive climax.

Porn Video: Freya Mayer & Stefany Kyler - Sweet Embrace
Genres: Lesbian, Brunette, Blonde

Year: 2021
Duration: 00:25:23
Quality: FullHD
Format: MPEG-4
Size: 1.44 GB
04-03-21 331
Categories: Video
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